Mar 12, 2014

I.Fairy Nova Blue- Circle lenses review~

Hey everyone~ Today I'll be reviewing a very beautiful pair of circle lenses sponsored by Uniqso,
namely "I.Fairy Nova Blue"
Uniqso is one of the largest and most trustworthy circle lenses shops I've come across.
Communication with the shop was great,I got lots of information and help from the lovely
Lee Lee. Thanks! <3

Additionally the circle
 lens library reveals alot of information which you will
 find no where else than Uniqso. It answers almost all of the
 questions that may rise in one's mind regarding circle contact lenses .
 Even if you need makeup tips with circle lenses or even
 makeup inspirations for your office/party or cosplay you
 should atleast once visit the seller's website

I also won a giveaway held by Uniqso,so I got a bunch of lenses ahaha,but I'm saving 3 pairs for later on:

Sooo,I've had my eyes set on those lenses for quite some time now,so I was eager to try them on
and see how they looked on my eyes <3
I had seen some examples before but none on light/blue eyes,so I couldn't really get
a clear image of how they'd look like.

So this review might be most helpful for those of you who have light/blue/grey eyes (like myself)



Base curve:  8.6 mm
Color tones:  2 tones
Diameter: 16.2  
Water content: 55% 
Replacement period: 12 months


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