Jan 27, 2014

G&G Wondereye Green and Geo Princess Mimi Sesame Grey (Bambi series) -circle lenses review part 1

 Hey everyone~~~
Today I'm going to review one of the two pairs of circle lenses that I got from PinkyParadise - Largest Circle Lens Store  - http://www.pinkyparadise.com/default.asp - It's G&G Wondereye Green  and Geo Princess Mimi Sesame Grey (Bambi series) <-- This pair I'm reviewing more in detail today.  Both pairs have arrived a while ago,so I did get to wear Geo Princess Mimi Sesame Grey (Bambi series)  a few times while G&G Wondereye Green not that much yet . The wait was pretty long,because I ordered them in December and post is really busy during that time of the year. Other times when I ordered,they arrived much faster,so it highly depends on post traffic ^^ ~~~ First there's going to be a preview of them still in their bottles~ 


Lens Specifications : 

Diameter: 14.5mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm / 8.9mm
Type: 1 year disposal

I always wondered how my eyes would look if they were green. I have natural grey-blue eyes. 
Those would be my first pair of lenses that's of a different color.

They come with those cute animal lens cases  Glad I didn't get any duplicates xD hehe Last time I got some green elephant lens cases,so I was glad I wouldn't mistake them >w< 

You can find lenses of various prescriptions but I bought them without any,since my eyesight is good ^^

The seemed a little light and transparent from inside the bottle. Later I put them on and they looked quite ok.
The color isn't very vibrant in natural light,but they look nice in photos <3 
I'm going to take some decent pictures in a few days to show how they look on my eyes.
I had a few attempts but the pictures didn't turn out too great xD so I'll have to wait for another few days.

Ok now,so moving on to the next pair : 

And here's the second pair~ it's Geo Princess Mimi Sesame Grey (Bambi series) http://www.pinkyparadise.com/Geo-Princess-Mimi-Sesame-Grey-p/a18-wmm305.htm?CartID=1

         Lens Specifications: 
              Diameter: 15.0mm
      Water Content: 38%
         Base Curve: 8.7mm
                  Type:1 year disposal

Again,I ordered those with no prescription. 

And a new lense case for them~~ I decided those will get the pink hippo case,since they came in those cute bottles~

Regarding the lens itself, it looks pretty nice! It has a black rim,which is not so exagerated. I have natural grey eyes,but they shift colors depending on what I wear. Those lenses will be more like to make the eyes look larger and maybe better defined. That's what I thought when I bought them,and I was right >w< 

They do seem to look more like silver then grey. Also,they have a golden inside rim! I forgot about this aspect while waiting for them to arrive xD  

Aaand here are some pictures where I wore the lenses : 

As you can see,the grey color is really visible,blending quite nicely with my natural color,without making the eyes look odd. They have a great enlarging effect as well~~ ^w^
I think those lenses could be worn normally,for photoshoots,conventions, going out~
They can make your eyes look big,tho without looking too unnatural,so they are perfect <3

As for comfort, those are more comfortable then my first pair..maybe also because I got used to wearing lenses after a while. I'm able to wear them for over 4 hours without any problem.
At some point my eyes would feel a little dry and tired,so I have to take them off,but that happens
with every other lens,so I can't say it's those lenses in particular.
Remember,unlike medical contact lenses, circle lenses,which are for cosmetic use, are not to be worn on a daily basis,as well as not more then 6-7 hours at once. 
Chances are your eyes will hurt and if done for a prelonged time,you might get eye damage.
So no matter how pretty they make your eyes look,remember, your eyes are priceless! So take good care of them! Safety comes first,no matter what! ^w^

But if you take good care of the lenses,keep them clean and wear them accordingly,you should have noooo problem at all : ) 

Well, hope the review was helpful ~~ 
I'll also post my impressions as well as pictures with the green pair in a few days,so stay tuned~ ^w^

Nyoko-chan <3

Sweet Spirits Sponsored review- January 2014

Hello sweeties~~! So,here's my first~sponsored review for Sweet spirits adorable accessories~~ Here's the store where you can get them from. --->http://sweetspirits.storenvy.com/ 

Make sure to visit the shop soon,because there's going to be a brand new collection coming out
any day now!!!<3 So stay tuned >w< 

Sweet Spirits is a lovely shop that sells cute handmade accessories,perfect for those who are adept of 
Fairy kei and Harajuku fashion <3 
The colors are sweet,bright and pastel,matching perfectly with those playful and lively styles.

Package took around 10 days to arrive,which was quite fast~ all items were carefully packed in small,cute
boxes ~~ 

I'll start off my introducing some of the products that I've been sent by Sweet Spirit's lovely owner,
Tal-chan <3

Now this is original. Rather then the old-fashioned business card,Sweet Spirits hands out those~

Sweet spirits cute card  It's printed on a layer of magnet,so if you want to make your fridge look cute for example, go ahead. hehe x'/// > 

~~ And here are all the lovely goodies~~

First there's this cute sea shell necklace made out of colorful and glittery resin~~ It's quite big,but it's not heavy at all,which is quite convenient. Really loved the way the colors blend on this one <3

Next up,there's a pair of wonderful ear-rings <3 Made out of the same kind of material as the necklace above. Those are sooo smooth and glittery omg <3<3<3 Also,the colors blend just as perfectly as in the previous item,making them match quite well ~ 
~Me wearing the cute cute ear-rings <3 You can see they are also rather large,so quite visible~ 

~Another necklace, this time a semi-transparent,glittery', 'melting' moon~
I wear this one quite often because it's also very light and I adore this subtle transition from transparent to opaque. It reminds me of gummy sweets x'///DDD ...glittery gummy sweets,I guess xD 

See? See how pretty it looks? >//w//<  

And here's a last necklace~but to be honest,my favorite one <3<3
A tiny star-shaped bottle with an even tinier sea-shell inside ;////////w///////; omg
How cute is that???<3 And it also has a little wing attached to the chain <3<3
This one got really popular and I wore it the most when I went to school or out with friends.
Girls went crazy about it >w< 

 And last,but not least, a cute,this time BIG transparent bow~
It works great as a lovely addition to colored wigs <3
 And it's filled up with all sorts of adorable,tiny stuff ;/////w/////; 

I must say I'm really impressed with all the hard work Tal-chan puts into all those accessories that she makes! They all turn out so precious and unique,since no mold is completely identic to any other one ~
Each accessory is different,so you could say they are truly unique  <3

Lovely shop, lovely items,trustworthy and very kind seller <3
All those make Sweet Spirits into a grade A+++ shop which I warmly recommend to anyone
who's looking for cute and unique accessories <3 

Don't forget to visit Sweet Spirits store at : 

Nyoko-chan <3<3

Jan 25, 2014

Spree Picky Galaxy Star Sailor fuku REVIEW

Hey guys~I present to you mascot Mimi,wearing this sweet attire~ I'm posting this picture as a review for a Spree Picky product : Galaxy star Sailor Fuku. 
Please visit the store here if you're interested -> spreepicky.storenvy.com/produc… ! They have amazingly cute,adorable outfits and accessories!! 
This here is the product and where you can get it form: spreepicky.storenvy.com/produc…

About Spree Picky: 

SpreePicky was found in August, 2013 with a idea of picking customer the best cute fashion with lower cost and best shopping experience. We professional team know what's the best loved items you might fond of and we have the best price for the shipping with fast service <3

Ok now,so on to the review itself: 

 Galaxy star Sailor Fuku review~~Shipping took about 20 days, I got this a few weeks ago and I got to wear it on several occasions. I still need to take the perfect pictures in it x'DDDDD it deserves a proper photo shoot lol xD . 

Ok,so let's move on. I chose the purple version. I really liked the gradient on the skirt,because it was so vibrant and stood out.

 The blue one was pretty as well,but I think the purple one has this extra charm because of the shades of pink on it's skirt >w< // .
 The shirt is made out of a pretty thin material,but surprisingly it's quite warm. I wore it this month and I never felt chilly in it (and usually I feel cold all the time *A*;; ) .
 I like the fact that the shirt has a side zipper on the lower edge,so if you're afraid of pulling the shirt on or off,you can always unzip it and it will fit no matter what. Convenient,huh? ^w^~. The collar,ribbon and cuffs are made of the same material as the skirt,so they are all having the same galaxy print. Also,the ribbon is detachable,so the shirt can also be worn without it....but where would the charm be without the pretty ribbon? x'''DD I'm really glad with this product,it's really neat and well made, the print is marvelous, the fabric is good,colors are vibrant. So it's really worth it~~ If you want a galaxy star sailor fuku of your own, I suggest SpreePicky 

Hope you liked this review and found it useful  ^w^ ~~ 

Nyoko-chan <3

Vassen Sakura Candy Blue circle lenses Review

Ok,so I'll start my blog with a review~~ here's the review for the Vassen Sakura Candy Blue circle lenses bought from PinkiParadise ^v^ .

First of all,I'd like to point out that those are my first lenses,so I never wore any of any type before. This review might be useful to those who also want to get a pair of circle lenses for the first time. 
As some might know...to be honest,the first time I put the lenses on I kind of freaked out x'DDD yeaah I was really shocked by how big they looked on my eyes. Eventually,after applying make-up and false lashes,they looked more balanced. My natural color is grey-blue,so I chose those lenses in order to enlarge my eyes,rather then get a completely different eye color. For the enlargening effect,the really did their job. My eyes look much larger and doll-ish after putting them on,but still,I would recommend using some suitable make-up and false lashes,so they wouldn't look too big compared to the rest of your face. Most of the enlarging effect is given by their thick,black outer rim,but if your iris is rather small,the blue area might also add up to enlarging your eyes. The Sakura Candy series seems more like one suitable for cosplay,rather then daily wear,so they might be a good choice if you have a convention right around the corner. As for comfort, they feel rather good once you have them on. I sometimes forget I have them on ^ 7 ^; . I have to admit,I'm still a little clumsy with putting on lenses,so sometimes it takes some time to put them on. Other times they just pop in right after I place them near my eye. It depends a lot on how often you blink..so if your reflexes are really good..you might have a hard time holding your lids in place ^^;; (like in my case). Overall, I'm happy with this pair of lenses~♥ The color is very vibrant and looks really awesome in photos, the black rim enlarges your eyes by a good deal and they are quite comfy after you put them on properly ^u^ 

Ah,even though they are comfy and sometimes you might forget you're wearing them,I'd still suggest wearing them for less then 6 hours at once,as specially if your eyes are not used to having lenses on or simply are a bit more sensitive.
All in all,those lenses are great if worn properly 
I love them ~
 Here are some pics with me wearing them on several occasions:   

Oh, by the way, you also receive a cute Animal case for your lenses when shopping at PinkyParadise~ I got some green elephants x'//D

So,if this review helped you decide on this pair of lenses,you can find them at :

Good luck 


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